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6 stars beating mental illness

Mental health issues will affect most of us in one way or another throughout our lives – whether it’s through friends, family or ourselves. But, that’s totally okay. We should all be more open in speaking about our issues.

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day so we’re celebrating six celebrities who have spoken out about their own struggles…

Demi Lovato


The US singer, who made her name as a Disney star, withdrew from the Jonas Brothers’ concert tour in 2010 to seek treatment for issues with bulimia, bipolar disorder, self-harm and substance abuse. Since being discharged in January 2011, she’s publically spoken out about mental health and published an account of her own experiences, ‘Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year’.

Lena Dunham 


The creator and star of ‘Girls’ has battled anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder from early on in life. Lena stays on track by regularly seeing a therapist and keeping her medication with her. She’s tackled her own mental health demons in her show and in her book.

David Beckham


Now retired, David Beckham was one of the most successful footballers of all time as well. But away from the public eye, David’s dealt with obsessive compulsive disorder, with a fixation on symmetry. His speaking out publicly about has highlighted the condition that affects millions of people.

Frankie Sandford 


The Saturdays’ star had battled depression and anxiety since aged 15 with her issues coming to a head in 2011 when she checked into a clinic to seek treatment after suffering from panic attacks. Since then, Frankie has called for an end to the stigma attached to mental health issues and has been heavily involved with campaigns for the mental health charities Mind and Time to Change.

Michael Phelps 


The most decorated Olympian in history (22 medals, 18 gold) suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Michael felt that swimming helped him manage his behaviour and now advocates its therapeutic benefits.

Pete Wentz 

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Fall Out Boy’s bassist suffers from bipolar disorder and has been on meds for it since he was 18. Pete attempted suicide in 2005. He’s beaten prescription drug addictions and claims that the birth of his son, Bronx, helped him to level out.