Last night a DJ…tweeted this?

Last night a DJ…tweeted this?

Last week MTV Voices revealed two brand new MTV Breaks opportunities, taking place at the Isle of MTV Malta (7th July 2015). We’re looking for a social media photographer and a DJ to put their skills to use during the marathon music event. Closing date is 11th May 2015 so don’t hang around!

So what’s next when you’ve made it as a DJ? How do you keep connected with your fans and showcase your turntable shenanigans? Well wonder no more, as MTV Voices are counting down our top DJs who spin the virtual wheels of social media.

Diplo – Snapchat


Diplo is certainly no stranger to social media. Most people came across Diplo’s Facebook antics with his ‘cheeky’ support of twerking. It’s Snapchat where fans of Diplo can truly feel what it’s like to be at one of his manic gigs or even get a deeper understanding of the man behind the brand as he plays with his super-cute son, Lockett.

Diplo’s also been creative in the way he crosses the lines between fun & commercial.  Earlier this year he used the platform to showcase a teaser of his new Jack U track. The song has since amassed over 2 million plays on SoundCloud with much of the marketing pointing towards the 9 second Snapchat story…genius!

David Guetta – Facebook


When it comes to sheer volume (err, not audio, but FB likes) there’s only one DJ for the job…David Guetta. He currently has over 55 million likes of Facebook, totally eclipsing the likes of Tiesto, Skrillex & Daft Punk…In fact, Guetta’s got more FB likes than all three of those artists combined.

Guetta’s Facebook page is a digital reflection of his kooky life, but true to form, it also has a commercial edge. Fans of the French electro hit-maker can purchase music, merchandise & even gig tickets also through his Facebook page. Not many DJs have a shop that caters for 55 million people…

Zedd – Twitter


Apart from being a generally lovely man, Zedd is also killing Twitter. The Russian-German DJ & music producer really stepped into the limelight in 2014 with hits like ‘Find You’ & ‘Break Free’.

Zedd’s most recent creatively themed marketing campaign revolves around his upcoming album ‘True Colors’ and he used Twitter (obvs) as his chosen platform to push information. By pushing Zedd themed clues on his Twitter page, fans have taken to the streets to hunt down the clues, which enable them to attend a preview party for one track song of his new album. Zedd is quoted as saying “I wanted fans to experience the album in a whole new way”. Hand clap for a job well done.

Maya Jane Coles – Soundcloud


Maya Jane Coles is a British DJ & music producer based out of London. Coles tends to play mainly house music but can be found performing under her alias, Nocturnal Sunshine, where dubstep is her prominent sound.

Coles may not have the most followers on Soundcloud, but with almost 3 million we love how she curates and creates her uploads…

The track ‘Comfort’ was uploaded to the DJ’s Soundcloud account nine months before the music video was shared on YouTube and pushed on Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps this partly explains the difference in the amount of followers on Soundcloud (an amazing 2.9million) and the amount of followers on Facebook (more than 335k fans) and Twitter (over 94k followers) is that new music arrives on the DJ’s Soundcloud account first. She uses Soundcloud for the intended purpose and is rewarded with a loyal and hungry fan base. Yes Maya.

DJs are becoming increasingly savvier with their social media accounts, whilst cultivating a growing audience. The question is, will you take on the challenge of MTV Breaks DJ opportunity, become a superstar DJ, and get your name on this list?