Between Miley’s naked Instagram posts and constant One Direction updates, it’s sometimes easy to miss a whole bunch of need-to-know stories. Fear not! We’re here to make it all easier for you. Every week we’ll be bringing you five big bits of news that might have passed you by, but that you should definitely be talking about.

This week’s collection features a movie trailer that WILL make you cry and condoms in a can…

1. Andreja Pejić joined Taylor’s girl squad

She’s been pretty busy getting involved in the biggest Twitter beef of 2015 this week, but Taylor Swift also managed to introduce the totally kick-ass newest member of her girl gang to her 38 million Instagram followers: transgender model and all-round babe Andreja Pejić. Pejić isn’t exactly a newcomer to the public eye – she’s been getting people talking ever since her first gigs working as a hyper-androgynous male model back in 2011 – but keep your eyes on her. We predict she’s about to do great things.

2. We watched the ‘Freeheld’ trailer

This week we were treated to a first look at one of the year’s most highly-anticipated movies – and knew almost immediately that it’s going to break hearts (and probably win Oscars). Based on real events, ‘Freeheld’ tells the story of terminally ill New Jersey Police Lieutenant Laurel Hester, and her very public battle to win the right to leave her state pension benefits to her domestic partner, Stacie. With a cast boasting Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, Steve Carrell and Michael Shannon, we’ve already marked the October release in our diaries.

3. Nike blew our minds

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Nike have managed to get everyone talking about their brand new Flyease trainer, and not just because it looks totally rad. Back in 2012, Nike’s social media team received a letter from then-16-year-old high school student Matthew Walzer, based in Florida. Walzer has cerebral palsy, and wanted to share his ongoing troubles with footwear, saying “I have flexibility in only one of my hands, which makes it impossible for me to tie my shoes.”

Instantly inspired by the challenge, Nike designer Tobie Hatfield got to work, sending Walzer a prototype and working closely with him on the creation of a basketball shoe like no other. Cut to now, and the Flyease, a trainer with an easily accessible zip wrapping around the ankle, is now on sale for $130.

4. India Clarke

The tenth US trans murder of 2015 happened in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday as twenty-five-year-old cosmetology student India Clarke was found beaten to death by a park ranger. Tampa Bay news anchor Eric Glasser came under fire for refusing to acknowledge Clarke’s gender identity and referring to her as a “man wearing women’s clothing”. Chai Jindasurat from the National Anti-Violence Programs has since spoken out about the dangers of misrepresenting the gender of victims, telling The Guardian that using the wrong pronouns “only perpetuates the transphobic violence that led to that person’s death.” Transgender women of colour currently make up 80% of all reported homicides. Something has to be done.

5. Spray-on condoms are on the way!

We love anything that makes safe sex even safer, and this invention might just change the contraception game once and for all. Scientists have been working on a spray-on condom prototype for a few years, but have never managed to avoid those pesky “technical difficulties” (which are never welcome, but especially uninvited when it comes to condoms). Michelle Chu, a senior at Pratt College of Art & Design may have finally cracked it, creating a spray-on design that would actually extend the lifespan of a conventional contraceptive. She’s also given the packaging a little makeover, saying that condoms have always reminded her of “those little ramen seasoning packets”. Hilarious.

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