Between Miley’s naked Instagram posts and constant One Direction updates, it’s sometimes easy to miss a whole bunch of need-to-know stories. Fear not! We’re here to make it all easier for you. Every week we’ll be bringing you five big bits of news that might have passed you by, but that you should definitely be talking about.

This week’s collection covers a dodgy museum and a do-gooder hairdresser in Melbourne.

1. Emma Thompson continues to be a badass

Our long-time favourite human Emma Thompson has been killing it AGAIN this week, as she spoke out about ageism in Hollywood. The 56-year-old actress was quizzed about the topic after we saw pics of her latest role – a 77-year-old prostitute in upcoming movie ‘The Legend Of Barney Thomson’, She told the Radio Times that attitudes to aging are not improving. “I think it’s still completely s**t, actually” were her exact words. Legend.

2. Sandra Bland

The tragic story of Sandra Bland has been dominating headlines, as the 28-year-old was found dead in her police cell three days after she was pulled over by the police in Texas for a minor traffic violation. The circumstances around her death have aroused mass suspicion – authorities reported it as a suicide, but there have been numerous accusations of a police cover-up, with speculation circulating that Bland was already dead when her mugshot was taken. There have been six African American women found dead in police custody in the last month – search for #SayHerName for the full story.

3. The women’s museum that wasn’t

Former Google Diversity Chief Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe got everyone all excited when he applied for planning to create the first women’s museum in the UK, celebrating “the women of the East End who have shaped history”. However, we were much less excited when he decided to make it a Jack the Ripper museum instead. Y’know, notorious woman-killer Jack the Ripper. Not quite the same thing, Mark.

4. The good guy groomer

This week’s feel-good story comes courtesy of haircutter Nasir Sobhani. Currently based in Melbourne, the 26-year-old works six days a week in a professional salon, but gives up his one day off to give out free haircuts and shaves to the city’s homeless people. Make sure you’re following his amazing Instagram feed, where he shares stories about the people he meets every week: @thestreetsbarber


5. Meryl Streep and Lena Dunham fight for sex workers’ rights

Big name celebs came out in force this week to show their support for a campaign against Amnesty International’s proposed decriminalisation of the sex trade. Also backed by Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway and Emma Thompson (yup, the very same one already mentioned above for being awesome) the stars are endorsing a letter written by women’s writers campaigners and former sex workers, reminding Amnesty that women in the sex trade face daily violence.