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5 Things You Should Be Talking About This Weekend

Between Miley’s naked Instagram posts and constant One Direction updates, it’s sometimes easy to miss a whole bunch of need-to-know stories. Fear not! We’re here to make it all easier for you. Every week we’ll be bringing you five big bits of news that might have passed you by, but that you should definitely be talking about.

This week’s collection features Amy Schumer being kick-ass and a Twitter trend that got us all thinking…

1. The Best Anaconda Cover Ever

Socially conscious rapper Sofia Ashraf has released a brilliantly powerful parody of Nicki Minaj’s booty appreciation anthem ‘Anaconda’. The cover was inspired by the ongoing battle between the Indian town of Kodaikanal and a Unilever thermometer factory accused of illegally dumping toxic waste. Forty-five of the workers (and twelve of their children) have since died from causes closely related to mercury poisoning. Make sure you watch the amazing video in full – even Ms. Minaj tweeted her praises.

2. Jesse Eisenberg Experienced Some Sexism

The American Ultra actor was given a schooling in Hollywood gender roles by his co-star Kristen Stewart this week, courtesy of a righteous Funny or Die interview skit. The stars found that their question cards had been switched, leaving Jesse to answer ground-breaking queries about his skincare regime, whilst Kristen was able to talk acting for once. Zing.


3. Tampon Trolls

When UCLA student Zoey Freedman wrote an article pushing for free tampons for her college newspaper, she never imagined the extent of the backlash she would receive. Commenters left messages on her feature saying things like “Is there ANYTHING the world doesn’t owe you? You know, just so I can get a baseline of where my responsibility for your bodily functions starts and ends?” Zoey hasn’t been put off though, and has already eloquently responded to the trolls in a follow-up piece.

4. Amy Schumer Fights Back

She described herself as “heartbroken” after the recent fatal shooting at a Louisana screening of her movie Trainwreck, but Amy Schumer hasn’t just sat back and expressed sadness. Oh no. The comedienne has teamed up with her cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer, to crack down on gun control laws. The Schumers hosted a press conference this week where they laid out their three-part plan to ensure tragedies like this cannot be repeated.


5. #transhealthfail

Transgender people took to Twitter to vent their frustrations over horrible healthcare experiences, and trust us, some of them truly are horrible. The experiences range from patronising doctors to actually being denied the medicines necessary for their survival – search the hashtag to see the full story.


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