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Confessions of a Muslim Millennial: Muslim Ban

“With Liberty and Justice for all.”

In grade school, I would recite the last few words of the Pledge of Allegiance duly, day by day. Back then, I didn’t understand the weight it carried or its true meaning. However, now these words have never rung more true.

Amidst the confusion, it’s difficult to make sense of what’s going on.

But, one thing is clear: our democracy is being tested and limits are being pushed.

Our newly elected president took action as he promised, and so did the people. The recently implemented ban mainly targeting Muslims has far greater consequences than what the current administration had accounted for.

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The reverberations have been felt around the world.

Families have been ripped apart, students are not able to return to school, doctors can’t return to treat their patients, and the list goes on. This ban was not made on the basis of facts. It seems that making sound decisions on factual information is an anomaly for the administration.

It was made on the basis of fear. The same fear that elected this demagogue, the same fear that’s causing America to turn on the values we hold dear and cherish.

Being Muslim, it’s hard to describe how I’m feeling.

One moment I’m disgusted with my country, and the next I’m inspired.

There are people expending an incredible effort to dehumanize Muslims and there are those who are actively fighting against them. I find myself caught back and forth and between these emotions. Most of my Muslim family and friends around the world are infuriated and confused. They don’t know what to make of it or how it will affect them. I’m right there with them because as of right now, I feel nothing is certain. Unfortunately, time will tell.

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The protests are stirring. They bring a lot of joy to my heart.

However, they must be fueled with action. In the 2018 mid-term election, it’s imperative individuals who are willing to challenge the current administration and fight for liberty and justice for all not only run, but win.

The delicate future of our country, and world, depends on our defiance and resilience.

The fact of the matter is we must continue to look to our past to understand why events have manifested in the present. But above that, we must challenge and learn from the past.

It seems now we haven’t learned much. We are falling victim to the same faults that previously forsake us. Our descendants will look back on our time and think how we could be so imprudent. At the moment, I am wondering how we could be too.”