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Four Rappers I’m Feminist Fan-Girling This Summer

As summer dawns, I’m hyped by the thought of prosecco picnics and sun-kissed skin. But then reality hits and my daydreams are interrupted by the inevitability of cat-calling and aggy aux cables; men shouting ‘nice tits’ while Drake blasts from their mini speaker. And speaking of Drake…

In twenty-two tracks, his latest album ‘More Life’ featured just one female – it’s almost as if there are no women in the industry, huh? Well. Here are four rappers I’ll be pumping from my portable all summer…


Kamaiyah serves unapologetic self awareness track after track on ‘A Good Night In The Ghetto’. She’s not here to be cute, this is a raw & refreshingly abrasive album which requires no mans seal of approval. ‘How Does it Feel to be Rich’ is the perfect antidote to imposter syndrome and should be the anthem for all future pay gap protests.


If you love 90s R&B then ‘Fin’ is for you. Reminiscent of Aaliyah’s ‘I Care 4 U’ – hushed vocals and electronic backbeats make it impossible not to dance to this. Syd’s homage to a mystery woman on ‘Body’ breaks silences and sets a new bar for sexuality in hip hop. Listen to ‘All About Me’ when you’re getting to ready to go out and I guarantee you’ll enter the club like you mean it.


Noname’s delivery is layered, detailed and confessional. Her debut ‘Telefone’  feels like an impeccably-timed, wholly relatable thought stream from a close friend. Cutting intimate storytelling with soulful vocals and dreamy xylophones, this isn’t an album. It’s a journey. Listen on your introspective days.

Princess Nokia

I was hooked as soon as I heard ‘Tomboy’ which spoke to my Playstation 2, Coco Pop-stained tee self, but then I heard (and watched – you have to do both) ‘Apple Pie’ – which is so rich with sensual hyper-femininity that I realised she understands and articulates WITH 3D EASE the one thousand womanhoods we go through every day. Drawing influences from Yoruba to New York, Princess Nokia is who you listen to when you realise categories are futile & femininity is versatile (so that’s every day, yeah?).

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