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About Us

MTV Voices is the part of MTV that is all about what it means to be you. It’s what young life is really like around the world – the good, the bad, the everything in-between. It’s the opinions, the reactions and the true stories of a generation. We celebrate your success, share your struggles, and tell the world what being a young person today really means. We don’t judge, we tell it like it is – all in your own words. Plus, we delve deeper into the issues that are raised on MTV, showing that whatever you’re dealing with, others are in the same situation.

So, if you have an issue we should talk about, a story we should share, a person that we should contact, an opinion you want to shout about, or just something we should know about, get in touch.

So, big or small, tell us what your idea is and we’ll get back in touch to talk about what might be next.

Plus we’re always looking for young writers, photographers and filmmakers who have an idea of a project they think the world should see, and who want to make it happen. We have small budgets and we want to use it to support young talent, and bring fresh stories to the world. So, what are you waiting for…?

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