Swiatoslaw Wojtkowiak, Author at MTV Voices

Swiatoslaw Wojtkowiak

I have been traveling and telling stories from various worlds for last 15 years. I first went to the UK as an illegal immigrant and then to Jamaica on a spiritual exploration of Rastafarian camps. I have visited and worked in more than 90 countries since then, traveled with nomads, gypsies, outcasts, madmen, the enlightened and the stupid, with rich and poor, weird and boring. I prefer to focus my work on the meek and disprivileged people with no voice of their own heard in the media. I explore stories on the edge, often controversial, related to magic, drugs, consciousness. I have never been employed full time in my life, and it is my intention to keep it that way by always telling the story that I believe in, not the one my boss would want me to. You can see my recent work, all published for free on my blog : http://blog.swiatoslaw.com/